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Vision and Mission

To be an excellent and credible institute for research and training that serves as the motor for FEB UGM as an education-oriented faculty.


  1. Building the reputation of P2EB FEB UGM as a reference for methods, processes, and results of policies, studies, advocacy, and community services.
  2. Improving and gaining the trust of stakeholders through the integrity and professionalism of P2EB FEB UGM.
  3. Establishing P2EB FEB UGM as a driver for the faculty’s research and development through: (1) improving synergy between the theoretical and applied advances; (2) updating the methods and topics of research, training, publication, and consultancy in the academic community that are required to broaden the perspectives of knowledge, skills and teaching competence; (3) Providing support and facilities for the development of ideas, methods and theories of the academic community of FEB UGM in economics and business.