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P2EB has been continuously conducting various research on economics and business by employing internal staff of P2EB and the academic community, both inside and outside UGM. P2EB develops research to formulate various economic and business problems both in private and public organizations. In addition, it is expected that the research results can be used to support knowledge development.

P2EB designs and organizes trainings in workshops and seminars as an effort to  develop the quality of human resources both for business and public organizations. P2EB’s training design is continually developed to keep in line with the advances in technology, economic changes, business competition mapping as well as advances in social science, especially related to the economy both at the national and international levels. The method used in the training is experiential learning which is conducted using an interactive, independent and visionary teaching learning process. The training can be also designed so that it is a tailor-made to the client's specific needs.