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UGM as one of leading Indonesian universities had the opportunity to send two delegates to the International Leadership Program at Ashridge Business School, U.K., from 21 September - 2 October 2015. This was a follow-up to the MoU signing between Research, Technology, and Higher Learning Ministry with Rolls-Royce in collaboration with Newton Fund and the British Council.

Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, Prof. Wihana Kirana Jaya, M.Soc., Ph.D, said initially, Rolls-Royce was committed in running the programme for three-year rounds at Ashridge Business School in the U.K.

Programme participants will have the opportunity to interact directly with leadership and higher learning experts from the U.K. They will have new knowledge and insights from renowned British universities, including Oxford University, through case study, discussion, and visits.

“For instance, an expert from Nottingham University that had collaborated with Rolls-Royce manufacture technology since 1999 has taken part in this programme,” said Wihana on Monday (19/10).

According to Wihana, in 2015, UGM sent Adhika Widyaparaga, Ph.D. (Engineering Faculty) and Eddy Junarsin, Ph.D. (Economics and Business) as representatives. Hopefully, in the following years there will be more leaders from Indonesian universities participating in this programme, so the benefits will touch on more scales in line with expectations from the Research, Technology, and Higher Learning Ministry.