Bank Internasional Indonesia (BII)-Maybank visited Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada. The students are so enthusiastic to get involved in this event, this can be concluded from more than 100 participants attend. Some students could not get the chairs and have to take additional chairs from outside; even some of them had to arrange themselves to seat at the stairs in the room.

This event, entitled "What things you should know to start a career in banking" is intended to introduce work environment and some other aspects in banking sector.

Danang, Head of Organization Development & Talent Management of BII explained some skills and characteristics needed to work in banking sector. He emphasized that one of the most important characteristics needed in all types of jobs in banking is integrity.

"The persons who work in bank must have integrity. Without integrity of its people, a bank will collaps," he said.

This event was held from 2 until 5 pm The BII delegation allocated their time to answer some questions from the students. "I am really free today. So, do not hesitate to ask me some questions," said Danang.

Source: Monica/FEB