The teams from the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, consisted of Satrio Adi Wibowo (Economic Science, 2015) and Gabriel Pierre (Economics 2015) had won the 1st and the Best Essay Equilibrium Science Fair - the 2017 National Equilibrium Conference organized by the Student Executive Board Udayana University on Wednesday sd Thursday, 2 sd August 3, 2017.

The National Equilibrium Conference (NEC) is one of a series of events in the Equilibrium Science Fair (ESF) 2017, in addition to presenting nationwide student essay contest events, NEC is also hosting the last event of the Conference. NEC (National Equilibrium Conference) is a national student conference as an effort to accommodate students' aspirations and thoughts regarding the development power to achieve sustainable economic prosperity of society. In this conference, participants are expected to contribute their thoughts to create new innovative and creative ideas which can be used as a new strategy in achieving sustainable economic prosperity of society. Through the formulation done by the participants, it will later become the basis of writing blueprints which is a tangible form of student contribution throughout Indonesia in helping the government create new policies to optimize development resources. If an idea had been accumulated, then there will be a solution through the National Equilibrium Conference ESF 2017, it is hoped that this race can provide an unforgettable experience and a better conference for all delegates.

This year, Equilibrium Science Fair - National Equilibrium Conference 2017 has the theme of "Intensifying Resources Development to Accomplish Sustainable Economic's Welfare" with several sub-themes, among others With several sub themes: Optimalization of Indonesian Women as Human Resources in Achieving Gender Equality and Efforts to Develop Village Potential Through Sector UMKM and Creative Economy Industry to Overcome Economic Gap in Indonesia. Essay Competition and Conferences aims to improve the creativity of students in creating solutions to answer the problem of economic inequality in Indonesia.

Participants of the National Equilibrium Conference were asked to create Essays and Essay Presentations with the main goals or objectives to address the economic imbalances that occur between villages and cities in Indonesia. Among the 300 teams who propose the idea in the preliminary round, 10 teams from all over Indonesia were selected to join the semifinals and make a presentation at the FEB UGM. In addition to the presentations, each participant is required to express every idea or opinion in front of 3 moderators and all other participants.

All components of the assessment are calculated to determine the champion of the 2017 Marketing Plan Competition and the teams from Universitas Gadjah Mada won 1st prize and Best Idea in the Equilibrium Science Fair competition - National Equilibrium Conference 2017.

Source: Satrio/FEB UGM