Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) UGM through Research and Training in Economics and Business (P2EB) UGM will held course transplant Introduction to Accounting, Intermediate Accounting, and Advanced Accounting to help the academics to respond to change. FEB UGM open ourselves to help speed up the process of adoption of these standards. This program will help the academics to be able to tune with global change, conceptually and technical. More than that, the academics will be certified to provide IFRS-based teaching reliably.

Workshop package provided by:

  1. Course Transplant Introductory Accounting
  2. Course Transplant Intermediate Accounting
  3. Course Transplant Advanced Accounting

Training Schedule:

  1. Introduction to IFRS-based Accounting, on June 20 to 25
  2. Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 & 2 based IFRS, on July 18 to 22
  3. Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 & 2 based IFRS, on August 1 to 5


  1. Coffee Break
  2. Lunch
  3. Books:
    1. Accounting Principles, IFRS ed. - Kieso and Suwardjono Book Introduction to Accounting
    2. Intermediate Accounting, IFRS ed. - Intermediate Accounting Kieso for
    3. Advance Accounting IFRS-based ed. - Beams and Suparwoto L Books, 2011 Untk Advanced Accounting
  4. Certificate
  5. CD Materials
  6. Materials teaching job

Information and Payment:
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Tel. 0274 548510 ext 213/210
Fax. 0274 520765/580231
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Website. www.p2ebfebugm.com

Account holder: P2EB UGM, Bank Mandiri Cab. House Master UGM, No.Rekening: 1370007125012

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