We nurture future-ready leaders in economics and business to foster sustainability.


To be the leading faculty of economics and business.


Keywords in Mission:

  • Nurture: We educate, train, and develop learning participants in an integrated process with learning inside and outside the classroom, soft skills development activities, career preparation, and student wellness facilities.
  • Future-ready Leaders: Graduates have leadership potential with integrity, competence and innovation to formulate solutions to current problems and the dynamics of future challenges. Graduates have the ability to improve the skills needed for future jobs (future skills in the form of self-leadership, digital fluency, critical and design thinking, resilience and entrepreneurship for future works), both for business organizations, government, and society on a large scale. local, national and international.
  • Economics and Business: Become thought leaders in the fields of accounting, economics, and management in their development and application.
  • To Foster: Initiating, encouraging, and carrying out activities that have a societal impact on business, government, and society.
  • Sustainability: Focus on research and engagement activities that are oriented towards sustainability aspects including poverty alleviation, inequality reduction, circular economy, green and blue economy, green accounting, green entrepreneurship, small and medium enterprises, and sustainability management.


Community Service Roadmap

Community Service Roadmap