Study program of Accountant Profession (PPAk) is an advanced education designed for bachelor degree (S1/D-IV) in accounting that wants to get a profession as an Accountant. The objective of education of accountant is to produce graduates who are qualified in the field of accounting skills, which can fulfill the needs of the business and government.

With the vision as a benchmark for the education program of Accountants in Indonesia, PPAk FEB UGM builds students to become professional accountants competent and integrity.

Graduates of the professional education program of Accountants can work as an auditor, external auditor, financial manager, financial analysis and financial statements. Also can enter all sectors of both profit-oriented and nonprofit sectors.

Benefits that can be gained for the student of Accountant Profession, as follows:

  1. Can prepare for CA (Chartered Accountant) certification exam and or CPA (Certified Public Accountant) much better because the curriculum that has been adjusted to the subject of the certification exam
  2. Obtaining CA and CPA certification exam fee waivers
  3. Obtain a waiver for an ACPA (Associate Certified Public Accountant) basic level exam so that it can be given an ACPA designation after passing the CPA exam
  4. CPA Professional level certification takes only 1 of 5 required exam points (get waiver 4 exam points)
  5. Can proceed to study in Master in Accounting (M.Acc) of FEB UGM with the waiver of certain courses in accordance with the required GPA
  6. The period of study in PPAk is recognized 1 (one) year of employment, as one of the requirements of obtaining CA certification

Please visit http://ppak.feb.ugm.ac.id for detailed program.

Admissions Information for the Profession Program

Admissions Information for the Profession Program