Faculty of Economics and Business UGM runs master of science and applied master. Master of science program prepares students to be strong in research in accounting, economics, and management. The applied master program (Master in Accounting, Master in Management, Master in Development Economics) provides students with theories as well as application of the program in real business for it supports students competing in the global business environment.

  • Master of Science in Accounting, Master of Science in Economics, Master of Science in Management (M.Sc.)
    Develops students to be influential accounting/economics/management scholars in Indonesia. Students will be equipped with ability to build systematical and critical thinking through courses and research papers review. The Program provides ample of opportunities for students to take part in dual degree and exchange programs.
    Detailed information can be found at http://msc.feb.ugm.ac.id
  • Master in Accounting (M.Acc.)
    Designed to anticipate and respond to the professional needs of individuals as well as government officials in today's dynamic business environment. The program offer concentration on Public Accounting, Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Information System Management and Audit. The curriculum is designed for students to be able to take part in the dual degree and exchange programs.
    Detailed information can be found at http://maksi.feb.ugm.ac.id
  • Master in Management (M.B.A)
    Nurtures and leverages students' leadership potential through a state of the art curriculum combined with innovative learning process and an intensive soft skill development program enriched by or international network of 37 reputable international partner universities at Yogyakarta and Jakarta campus. The program is a leading business school in Indonesia, offering high quality business education characterized by strong and competent faculty members, dynamic curriculum, collaborative and creative learning process, and pleasant academic atmosphere. Being internationally accredited by AACSB (The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business), the program is now the only representative MBA program in Indonesia that is globally acknowledged. It shows our commitment to continuously improve the quality of education.
    Detailed information can be found at http://mm.feb.ugm.ac.id
  • Master in Development Economics (M.Ec.Dev.)
    Aimed to create authentic leaders with strong characters and innovative. The program is committed to provide students with knowledge and practices in producing clean government and good governance. The program is as well as taught in English to accommodate international students. Dual degree and exchange program are also available for students to be part of it.
    Detailed information can be found at http://mep.feb.ugm.ac.id
Admissions Information for the Master Program

Admissions Information for the Master Program