SDGs 4: Quality Education

Title Published Date
Discover the uniqueness of FEB UGM Accounting Study Program; there is potential for AI aspects as well! 18 April 2024
FEB UGM Provides Impact Evaluation Training for Philanthropic Institutions in Yogyakarta 03 April 2024
FEB UGM Student Team Wins 3rd Place in Deloitte Tax Challenge 2024 02 April 2024
Master in Accounting Study Program Receives Superior Accreditation from LAMEMBA 01 April 2024
26 FEB UGM Students Successfully Become Awardees of the 2024 IISMA Program 25 March 2024
MM UGM Study Program Jakarta Campus Earn LAMEMBA Superior Accreditation 22 March 2024
The Need to Change the Waste Management Mindset to a Circular Economy 21 March 2024
Five FEB UGM Study Programs Earn LAMEMBA Superior Accreditation 20 March 2024
FEB UGM Receives Smart Interactive Board from PT Dahua Technology 15 March 2024
FEB UGM Students Participate in the 2024 HPAIR International Conference 14 March 2024
FEB UGM Accounting Student Team Wins Champion at The 23rd ATV 11 March 2024
Prof. Nurul Indarti Attended MASUDEM Steering Committee Meeting Budapest 2024 26 February 2024
FEB UGM Releases 81 Undergraduate Graduates Period II 2023/2024 Academic Year 22 February 2024
FEB UGM Delegation Took Part in the 2024 MASUDEM Sustainability Curriculum Development Winter Course 12 February 2024
FEB UGM Master’s Double Degree Program with LPDP Support for Global Study Experience 05 February 2024
FEB UGM Releases 191 Postgraduate Graduates Period II 2023/2024 Academic Year 25 January 2024
Personal Development Program Is A Form of FEB UGM Concern for Educational Staff 29 December 2023
FEB UGM Student Team Wins Champion in Telkom Accounting Fair 2023 08 December 2023
Pairgrowth Team Wins Top 2 Finalists in the 2023 EDC Business Plan 04 December 2023
FEB UGM Contributes 3 Medals at the 36th PIMNAS 04 December 2023