To support student capabilities in a competitive era, FEB UGM realizes that hard skills are not enough. Students need to be equipped with soft skills to support their potential and capabilities. FEB UGM has implemented mandatory soft skills starting in 2018. In the FEB UGM curriculum, mandatory soft skills are a compulsory student self-development program and a prerequisite for FEB UGM students to take the Final Semester Examination.

The Mandatory Soft Skills Program consists of 4 series, including:

  • Writing skill: Antiplagiarism and Writing, which contains:
  • Writing skills: Using MS Word, PPT, and Reference Manager, which contains:
  • Presentation Skills, which contains:
    • Prepare yourself before the presentation
    • Contents of the presentation
    • Convey ideas in an attractive presentation
    • Individual and group presentations
    • Self-evaluation in the presentation
  • Critical Thinking, which contains:
    • Critical analysis of ideas
    • Critical delivery of ideas